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Study and Travel in Italy

Would you like to improve your Italian? Would you like to study in Bologna,  Florence, Rome, Milan.
International Study Vacation can help you to find the best place to study and the most suitable course for you…:-)
you will experience the reali Italian life-style from 2 weeks till whatever you want…
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-Before your leaving
We will help you
– to select the most suitable programme
– to complete your application
– to apply for your visa
– to find the right location

-After your arrival
We will help you
– to arrange everything you need
– to meet new friends
– to make you feel at home

-The course offered are:
-The standard course (20 lessons, min 2 weeks, for all levels)
-The intensive course (30 lessons, min 2 weeks, for all levels)
- The super- Intensive Course (30 lessons x week + 6 lessons per day)
For those who really want to learn quickly there is the One to one lessons (From 4 to 8 lessons per day)